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What Are Injectables?

Dermal fillers and injectables are non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatments most commonly known for their anti-aging properties and effects. These types of procedures are used to help reduce or correct fine lines, wrinkles, folds, thinning lips, sagging skin, and lost volume throughout the face. They can also be beneficial to helping painful or incurable conditions.


Botox® is one of the leading cosmetic injectable treatments on the market. Botox is popular for its powerful muscle-freezing neurotoxins that help to reduce visible wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming.

Botox also benefits conditions like chronic migraines, excessive sweating, cervical dystonia, and lazy eye.


Injectable fillers are soft tissue fillers injected into the skin at different depths to help fill in facial wrinkles, provide facial volume, and augment facial features. They are known for helping restore a smoother and symmetrical appearance.

Most fillers are temporary because they are eventually absorbed by the body.

Benefits Of Injectables

-Wrinkles, fine lines, or creases
-Crow’s feet, laugh lines or marionette lines
-Dimples, grooves, or uneven skin
-Sagging, drooping, or sunken skin
-Thin lips or a gummy smile
-Lost volume around the cheeks, under the eyes, and around the jaw
-Wrinkles and sagging skin around the neck or chect
..And More!

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